The Athénée Royal Leonardo Da Vinci (ARLDV) was created in 2002 from the merger of ITCF Chomé Wyns and AR Bordet.

The school offers transitional general, technical and vocational education.

It also welcomes DASPA students and has two primary schools. In 2014, the facility added a nursery school, which became a basic school in 2015.

A second basic school was added in 2017.

Since September 2020, these two annexed elementary school have been split, each with its own principal.

The secondary school is located at Rue Chomé-Wyns 5, in the center of the Commune of Anderlecht in the Brussels-Capital Region. Its environment is that of the Cureghem district.

There is one basic school located rue des Goujons 11 and the other rue L. De Swaef 27.