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The secretariat is available every day of the week from 7.15 a.m. to 4.45 p.m. on the following numbers

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Report a delay

Any student who is late must present a valid written reason. Without a valid reason, after 8:35 a.m., access to classes may be refused until 1:00 p.m. (Decree of June 30, 1998 – Chap. III, art. 20).

Students must report to the secretary’s office BEFORE going to class. Parents are not allowed in the school.

Report an absence

The only officially recognized reasons for absence are the following:

  • Indisposition or illness of the student
  • Death of a parent or relative up to the 4th degree, (1 to 4 days MAX.)
  • Summons from an administrative or judicial authority
  • High-level athlete (with official WBE document)
  • Cases of force majeure or exceptional circumstances assessed by the director or his delegate.

Absences are recorded every half-day. Parents or guardians are required to provide the director or his delegate with written justification for the absence on the sheet provided for this purpose, no later than two working days after the first day of the absence. Any absence of three consecutive days (or more) due to illness must be justified by a medical certificate.

During exam periods, a medical certificate is required for all absences, even for one day. Children with fever or illness must be kept at home. The director or his delegate will notify parents or guardians of unjustified absences and/or late arrivals. It’s important that your child attends school regularly!

Under the parents’ supervision and in collaboration with the teachers, children who have been absent from school must quickly put themselves in order.

The CPMS Team

The PMS Center is available to all students and parents wishing to discuss personal, emotional and/or psychological problems, simply by making an appointment. The PMS Center’s mission also includes providing students with information about their school careers, and helping them to find answers to their hopes for the future. In accordance with the PMS Center’s Action Plan, medical check-ups are organized and supervised by a school doctor in the CPMS offices. Two days a week, according to the schedule defined at the beginning of the year and posted on the school premises, students are also offered a free medical service.

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