The Internal school hook-up system (D.I.A.S.)

A tool for students.

The internal school hook-up system aims to

  • reduce school drop-out rates through prevention
  • supporting students who are dropping out of school (many of whom are in abeyance)
  • increase the involvement of parents and the school in the young person’s care.

It offers individual and/or group support to listen to and accompany the student in his or her life and school life.
The in-house “school hook-up” program, set up three years ago at the Athénée Royal Leonardo da Vinci, offers students who so desire a welcoming and secure environment, an intimate “place” where they can speak out, express difficult situations and take the first steps towards finding solutions.

The educator is in charge of the program, but works in collaboration with all those involved in the young person’s life, both inside and outside the school. The mission of this internal system also includes creating links and working with the pupil’s family.
The work carried out is based on concrete support tools: interview techniques, listening skills, etc. It is based on a project-based approach and confidentiality guaranteed by professional secrecy, which ensures independence – and therefore autonomy – from the school.

This initiative was made possible by the school’s philosophy, which places the student at the center of attention for all those involved.

D.I.A.S. (internal school hook-up system)

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